Remote Post

Kim Fogelberg is a Visual Effects Artist based on the outskirts of Wanaka, New Zealand

Kim Fogelberg is a visual effects artist based in Wanaka, New Zealand.

10 years ago I set about building my own post studio on the outkskirts of Wanaka, and have increasingly attracted work from production houses.

My systems and tools are constantly tweaked to keep up to date with this ever changing industry. I run both Autodesk and Foundry products and the studio includes monitoring for stereo projects.

My main source of work comes from production houses who sometimes need additional support on tvc projects when deadlines are becoming tight. Time consuming VFX shots which simply need to be done and require little client input are ideal.

Longform Film and TV work is also becoming a prominent part of my workload. 

The usual workflow involves sending quicktimes as progress reports, along with reviews using cineSync and skype sessions.  Every project is different, so I always strive to find a way to make my remote delivery's fit the best way possible, into a production house pipeline.

Remote work is a very cost effective option (negating the cost of flights and accommodation). I am however more than willing to travel in order to take that all important brief.